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Bellevue Memorial Park (Ontario Cemetery Association) incorporated in 1892. Ten acres of land at the northwest corner of Mountain Avenue and G Street were set aside by the townspeople. Mr. Abram Oakley was interred at 

​​​​Pre-sale tickets are now available at the following locations: Logan's Candy Store 125 West B Street Ontario, Graber Olive House 315 East 4th Street Ontario and in the office at Bellevue Memorial Park 1240 West G Street Ontario and on our website: 


Pre-sale tickets $5 for Ontario Heritage members and $10 for Non-Members. Children 12 and under are free. Day of event ticket prices are the same. 


​​Bellevue and was the city's first official funeral.  

​Many of the families who helped to shape Ontario's original "Model Colony", and who are largely responsible for what is Ontario today are laid to rest at Bellevue Memorial Park - a few being the Chaffeys, the Millikens, the Atwoods and the Drapers. Next year Bellevue will celebrate 125 years of service, dedication and compassion to many families and their loved ones.


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There's something nostalgic about seeing a historical home preserved, a bit of yesterday and restoring it with the luster of today and others who share the same passion.  If that desire is within you to protect, preserve and promote, please contact us at info@ontarioheritage.org.

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