​​​​Ontario Heritage

If you'd like any copies of photos...

Contact the Ontario City Library

These are photos from the Ontario City Library, the Ovitt Family Community Library, found in the Robert E. Ellingwood Model Colony History Room.
Webpage: http://www.ci.ontario.ca.us/index.aspx?page=390
History room email: localhistory@ci.ontario.ca.us
Physical address:
215 East C Street
Ontario, CA  91764
Phone: 909-395-2206 (direct to history room)
Hours: Monday-Wednesday, 1pm-6pm; Thursday, 1pm-9pm; Friday, 1pm-6pm
They charge $5.00 per photo, for personal or scholarly use. Commercial use fees apply for those who wish to publish images, either online or in print. We provide a high quality tiff on a disc, and customers can have a print made where they’d like.